Apr. 20th, 2011

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Hi folks! As promised to the folks on http://www.tvtropes.org here's a look at the "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life" panel at Anime Detour 2011.

Photos! )

Hope to see more tropers next time! Anyone coming to ConVergence?
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(A Jack LaLane Memorial Mix CD)

As organized by [personal profile] barondave, the "Jack LaLane Memorial Mix Exchange" is songs that are about exercise, make you want to exercise, or are good to exercise to. I decided to go with mostly fast dance numbers, with a couple of breather tracks.

1. "Ready Steady Go"--L'Arc En Ciel (The opening theme to the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime)
2. "Bell Hop"--John Shakespeare (busy day at the hotel)
3. "Wapiko's Weather Forecast!"--Yoko Ishida (A "parapara" (dancing game) remix--"Fair and sunny tomorrow!")
4. "Bellydance"--Saad (The most generic bellydancing tune ever.)
5. "Unequaled boisterous dance, the sky is too small"--Read Or Die Original Soundtrack (Our heroine battles a flying machine man.)
6. "Blinkandyou'llmissit!"--Bo Pepper (The young lady has no time to waste.)
7. "Scatter the Mud"--The Irish Experience (Irish dancing music, natch.)
8. "Blow the Man Down"--Johnny Collins (classic sea shanty, steady as she goes.)
9. "The Scarlet & Gray Rag"--The Tailgate Dixieland Band (Ohio State University-based tune.)
10. "Boosters On"--Kaoru Wada (The spaceship prepares to launch.)
11. "Get Rhythm"--Johnny Cash (Toe-tapping fun.)
12. "Round & Round Hitler's Grave"--The Almanac Singers (World War Two hit, obviously.)
13. "Bounce-o-Rama (Speed-Up Ver.)"--Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack (videogame music meets Tigger.)
14. "Popcorn"--Hot Butter (This one ought to bring back some memories.)
15. "Buckeye Battle Cry (2003)--The OSU Marching Band (Fight! Fight! Win!)
16. "Pep Vim and Verve"--Jeff Vince and Andrew Paley (from the "Dick Tracy" movie soundtrack.)
17. "Bumbo"--Moondog (Jungle-themed tune.)
18. "Patriotic Diggers"--John Allison (Ditchdigging is exercise too.)
19. "Happy Feet"--Paul Whiteman (But tapdancing is more fun.)
20. "Captain Jack"--Captain Jack (This one will seem familiar to veterans.)
21. "Kung Fu Fighting"--Girls on Top (I pretty much guarantee you've seldom heard this version of the song.)
22. "Chocobo Will Walk, No Matter How Far"--Final Fantasy Unlimited Soundtrack (The animated TV series...not all that good, but hey, chocobos!)
23. "Kol haKavod"--Yehoram Gaon (Israeli dance music.)
24. "Cuyashca"--Ruminahui (South American dance music. Love me some panflute.)
25. "Jungle Dance"--Max Steiner (From the "King Kong" soundtrack.)
26. "Dance Away"--Annie Livingston (From the "Project A-ko" soundtrack.)
27. "Flashdance: What a Feeling"--London Ensemble and Soloists (A movie about people prancing about in legwarmers? Sounds like exercise to me.)
28. "I Love to Walk"--Alf Clausen (Homer Simpson on the benefits of exercise.)
29. "Haul Away Joe"--Bramblebush (Another sea shanty.)
30. "We Kept On Dancing"--Nate Bucklin (And in conclusion, everybody dance!)

I'll be at Minicon--the most likely place to catch me is at my two panels: "What Happens After the Cure?" Saturday at 11:30 AM, and "Recommend an RPG For Me" Saturday at 7:00 PM.

But I should at some point drop in at the various parties. If you haven't been participating in this exchange, see me about other mixes you could trade.


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