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Yep, it's definitely getting on towards winter here.

It looks like we'll be getting a bit more help at work, though still not the new full-time person we need. With so many of us out sick or on vacation, the lack of ability to answer calls and do paperwork at the same time really slows both processes down.

Watched the last of "Daughter of Twenty Faces" tonight. A fairly satisfying ending.

And the folks at Holiday Wishes/Wish List have started sending stuff. I now have a package from [personal profile] celeria, pretty sure I know what it is, but the packages larger than envelope size are being saved for a time nearer Christmas, as is the tradition in my family.

But the very first gift sent (though I was unable to access it until tonight)was a mix by [profile] twiglyt.

Activate--American Flame Whip
Go!--Ash Koley
Cut N Paste Girl--The Paps
Honey--The Nods
I Don't Lie--Chic Gamine
Black Heart Burn--Jet Set Satellite
Living In Misery--Kill Hannah
Soldier of Love--Tracy Bone

If you haven't heard of most of these musicians, that was part of the idea, to showcase some local talent. Several of these songs are good, but my favorite is "I Don't Lie." I'll certainly be on the lookout for more by Chic Gamine. Thanks again, Twiglyt!
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