Human scaled measurements

May. 25th, 2017 02:01 am
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There are quite a few measurements that are (or at least stat out) based on the human body.

Best known is probably the foot. Do I have to explain that one? :-)

Lets start working up from smallest to largest

finger - the width of a finger, now mostly seen in measuring whisky

hand - the width of a hand from top to bottom with all fingers together. Now defined as 4 inches and used to measure horses.

span - The distance between the tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb with fingers spread. Roughly 6 inches

cubit - distance from fingertips to elbow - now "defined" as 18 inches

yard - distance from fingertips to nose (think measuring cloth that way) Now defined as 3 feet.

ell - distance from fingertips to opposite shoulder (again used for measuring cloth)

fathom - distance between hands with arms outstretched (think of measuring rope that way). Now defined as 6 feet

stride - one step (ie distance between where left is when right foot lands)
pace - two steps (ie distance between to left or two right footprints)

mile - one thousand paces (from the Latin mille pacem). Now defined as 5280 feet.

league - 3 miles

I've probably missed a few.

These can be useful when reading old stuff, or when you need to rough measure something.

Also useful for alternate history of fantasy.

On Punching Nazis and other hyperbole

May. 24th, 2017 03:04 pm
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I'm willing to sing about punching Nazis, but I'm not willing to seriously advocate that doing so (or censoring them) is ethically and morally right.

Ken White (Popehat) has an excellent post as to why not. (oddly enough, -do- read the comments here).

Alternate history

May. 23rd, 2017 07:51 pm
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Since there are some new people reading this, I thought I'd bring up a question I've had before.

I'm looking for a plausible reason why the Pacific Northwest on an alternate Earth would still have the Native tribes in the 20th century. No real European or Asian influences.

Or at least no more than the area had pre-1500 AD.

Superhero flying gear

May. 23rd, 2017 07:20 pm
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Made a comment about gear for a flying metahuman and the gear they'd need.

Actually some handheld GPS units *have* barometric altimeters. My Garmin GPSmap 60csx does. It also has a magnetic compass (which you can override the display for to show true north instead).

So any one of a number of GPS units, a radar transponder (which should probably tie into the GPS for altitude), an aircraft band radio and she's set for both visual and instrument flight.

Me, I'd add a pulse oximeter, oxygen tank and mask. Just in case.

Someone talented could probably build most of that into a helmet and harness. Complete with a heads up display.

For real paranoia and unforeseen circumstances, a steerable parachute might be an idea as well.

So, let's look into this a bit farther.

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More fun with Medical bills...

May. 23rd, 2017 10:54 am
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Well, we got the final bill on Lee's CT scans & Echo cardiogram. After insurance we owe $1587.00 that we have to pay out of pocket. That's on top of what we already owe Norton's which brings it to a pretty scary amount of $6,040.70 in total! I'm going to be getting in touch with them to add it to our total payment plan which I already know will make our monthly payments a lot higher.

I'm in the process of listing a bunch of stuff to sell to try to try and pay it down some. Plus we're pretty broke right now because I'd already paid them an extra $200 in co-pays this month on top of our usual payment. Normally it wouldn't matter so much but Lee has to do a job related trip to Gary IN this week. His lodging is paid for by the University, thank goodness, but he'll still need to eat while he's there.

If you guys wouldn't mind sharing the things I'm posting I'd really appreciate it. You can find them here:

Plus, if you see anything you'd like and would rather pay for it here, let me know and I could tell you what it would be with postage. My Paypal is If you find something you'd like if you send it friends and family they don't take out all the fees.

Any help passing this along would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to keep adding stuff to sell as I can get pictures taken of everything. We should be close to meeting our deductible for this year which will help with meds and co-pays once we do. Sure is not a fun ride getting to that point though.

Thanks, guys, as always, for listening.

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Hi guys! Wow! Can you believe that we're at the end of another season all ready? I still can't believe we made it past five much less twelve seasons with a Season Thirteen to come! I haven't seen the episodes yet, my plan is to watch them as soon as these are up. I wanted to post as early as I could this week because I know how excited everyone is to see the finale. Tell me what you think, the good and the bad. I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about whatever they've done to us this time. :)

The files are almost finished uploading. Once they're done, just follow the links below and then click to download whichever format you'd like best.

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If you have any problems with the file, or if you need to update your audio/video codecs to play the file, you can find them here:

Hope that everyone is doing okay. *hugs you hard*


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