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Author Bride's Koneko is doing short fiction to prompts to promote donations to the ASPCA, with the theme of "companion animals." Check it out!
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Family celebration was on Sunday. Got a Lunds gift card, which I used today to purchase a fancy cake for work.

Actually did get a thank-you note for the United Way basket I made! A pleasant shock. I won the "first basket turned in" award, but there doesn't seem to be any actual prize involved.

I know a couple of people on my friends pages read novels about quirky Southern women. If this is you, please see my previous post.

Second person got their mix cds in for the exchange, so that's furthest away and closest. Two more to go.

Oldest niece is going back to college, this time at Mankato State. I mentioned that this was where I learned to play D&D lo these many years ago. (Biked over from Bethany Lutheran, or walked sometimes.) Man, I miss being able to walk three hours across town after midnight without being scared half to death.

Middle niece will be attending junior high in the fall.

Still waiting for "One For the Money". Saw "Brave," liked it.

How's by you?

Some stuff

Jun. 17th, 2012 09:16 pm
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Random bits--

After far too long a delay, the Lunds grocery store we were promised way back when is finally open. I was very disappointed the first day, as the signage said it would open at 6AM, and I got up to be there, but it turned out the opening for that day only was 9:30. It's a very nice store.

I'm a bit worried for the small grocery place nearby, though. Not much they can do to compete except for the much faster checkout service. The local coffee shop is more hardy and can easily handle the chain place with its genuine Bohemian atmosphere.

We have a new quality coach at work, who tells me she was seriously blown away with how good I am on the phone. I still run into rough patches when customers don't want to be helped, but it's true that when I'm on, I really am Mr. Customer Service.

Did not win any of the baskets in the United Way raffle...again. Don't know why I bother sometimes, and none of the winners ever sends a thank you note for the baskets our department creates.

Coming up on my birthday, not as excited/nervous this year. More concerned with making the CD exchange work and being fully funded for ConVergence.

Still doing very well at the Goodreads giveaways, seriously it's like they love my reviews or something. Currently waiting on "One For the Money".

Hope you folks are well as can be expected, and Happy Father's Day to all those to whom it applies.
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Picked up several books and a couple of sketches I'm going to put in a United Way raffle basket at work.

One amusing find was the Beano Annual 2012. The Beano is the longest-running British comic book, full of mischievous children in silly gag stories. This was my favorite of this year's stories.

role reversal )
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Have sent out quite a few of the surprises for the folks on [community profile] holiday_wishes and [community profile] wish_list. I know at least a few of them have arrived because the recepients have said so, and one definitely did not. (Gonna have to look into that.)

Need to wrap the presents I'm giving family members, and figure out who I've got left to shop for. My parents have asked for giving to a good cause this year, so that one's easy.

Made a couple of posts on Scans Daily, which is having a big December event.

Work goes okay.

Still trying to lose weight. Valiantly resisting my usual habit of buying cartons of egg nog and drinking them at a single sitting, but man I love egg nog. Exercise getting even harder to get around to with onset of snow, ice and frigid air.

Have received one package so far this season, I know who it's from and approximately what it might be, but am saving opening it for a little closer to Christmas. Also, my brother's family holiday letter.

Hope all of you are as well as can be expected, and keeping warm.
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So, today, we wrapped up the United Way basket for this week's raffle. It's really impressive, especially with the giant spider one of my co-workers crafted to put on the top. (Another department's worker complained that we have too many creative people to compete against.)

As mentioned previously, the theme this year was Halloween, and we got a good assortment of items. Take a gander at the list!

Books: Blood Lite, Dracula, Eerie Mysteries August 1938 (reprint), Frankenstein, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Candy: Child's Play Assortment, Farley's Candy Combo, Funsize Mix, High-Chew (four flavors), M&Ms Cool Ghoul Mix (dark chocolate and peanut varieties) and Market Pantry Caramels.

CDs: After Dark, The Crow Soundtrack Album and Nightmare Revisited.

Decor and Accessories: Halloween Glitter Paper, paper plates, stickers, photomat/cardstock, LARGE spider, small spiders, (empty) Treat Bags, Pumpkin Bell, Canbat, Gelriffic Window Clings, paper cups, Halloween plasticware, Pumpkin Carving Kit, Minilights in Candy Corn and Dual, Halloween tealights, Mini Gravestone, Domo Qee collectible figure and a Johnny Lightning Mummy Truck.

DVDs: April Fools' Day/My Bloody Valentine Double Feature, Dark Ride, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, A Haunting in Connecticut, Land of the Dead, Little Sheep of Horrors (from the people who brought you Wallace and Gromit), Petshop of Horrors, The Pit and the Pendulum and Reborn from Hell 1 & 2.

Graphic Novels/Manga: I Luv Halloween, Mermaid Saga (2 volumes), Reiko the Zombie Shop (2 volumes), The Walking Dead and War on Flesh.

Plus: a $25 Target gift card for anything else your Halloween party might need.

Man, that's a good haul. I'm tempted to buy tickets myself. None of the other baskets I've seen are quite so over the top, but there are some good ones, like the international food basket. There's two "pet" baskets, one designed around you already having a pet, and the other if you are thinking of getting one in the near future. And two mystery baskets--I'm not buying tickets for the one in Vikings colors.
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Work has as usual been hectic, especially with the recent changes to the credit card laws. Suddenly a lot of stuff that was handled electronically has to be hand-checked.

It's United Way basket time, and this year our department's theme is "Halloween." Most likely, there will be many bags of candy.

Today, I went to the family gathering for Mom's birthday/Mom & Dad's anniversary. It was fun, though the picture session at the end in the bright sunlight was painful. My nephew tells me he has finally been cleared to join his unit overseas.

Tonight's special at Espresso Royale (my local coffee shop) was Yerba-ade. It has a piquant flavor I do not find entirely pleasing. I do not think I will order it again.


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