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Okay, I have turned in my term paper and final exam for Microeconomics. I have most certainly passed the class, the only question being whether I will get an A, or fall to a B.

Presuming no other shenanigans, I have now earned my Associate's Degree!
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So, my first quarter at Rasmussen College online has ended. The most exciting news is that I scored 96% in Accounting I, which I think is freaking amazing considering how hard math is for me. We'll see if I can weather Accounting II: Account Harder next quarter.

Overall, the experience has been very positive. Rasmussen has really put an effort into accommodating distance student's special needs. Once I learned how to access the live lectures properly, they were a great tool for getting a better understanding of the reading and communicating with a teacher.

Next quarter is, besides more accounting, Business Law, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Management. My brother the law professor says that the important thing to remember about business law is that the introductory course only teaches basic, national level law. State and local laws do apply, and you will need to learn those separately. (So no, as an entrepreneur I shouldn't try to be my own attorney.)

Still looking for work, by the way, if anyone hears of a good opening for a customer service professional in the Twin Cities area, please keep me in mind.
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There's been some new posts on my blog since I last plugged it here. is the most recent, but you're free and welcome to make comments on any entry.

Please. I am so tired of seeing "ten new comments!" and it's all spammers.

In other news, college continues to be rough.


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