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It's holiday wishlist time once again, see [community profile] holiday_wishes and [community profile] wish_list and as usual, I'm doing a themed mix CD as my outgoing gift.

This year's theme is to honor the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/12, and the possibility, slim though it may be, that the world will end.


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Family celebration was on Sunday. Got a Lunds gift card, which I used today to purchase a fancy cake for work.

Actually did get a thank-you note for the United Way basket I made! A pleasant shock. I won the "first basket turned in" award, but there doesn't seem to be any actual prize involved.

I know a couple of people on my friends pages read novels about quirky Southern women. If this is you, please see my previous post.

Second person got their mix cds in for the exchange, so that's furthest away and closest. Two more to go.

Oldest niece is going back to college, this time at Mankato State. I mentioned that this was where I learned to play D&D lo these many years ago. (Biked over from Bethany Lutheran, or walked sometimes.) Man, I miss being able to walk three hours across town after midnight without being scared half to death.

Middle niece will be attending junior high in the fall.

Still waiting for "One For the Money". Saw "Brave," liked it.

How's by you?


Jan. 14th, 2012 12:36 pm
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It's past time to link back to some of the goodies I've prompted.

First, a tale of New Year's Eve and the witch trying to capture the pause between old and new:


A story about false cognates:

"The Gift-Wife"

A story of unwise men's gifts:


And a lovely picture of a ghost cat (I think I'll name it "Scully"):

All these folks have generously donated their creativity free to random people from the internet, but they also like cash donations to support their work! Watch for your chance to participate.
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As mentioned last time, the family gathering was postponed, so I opened the presents that came by mail in the morning.

[personal profile] hepburnesque I got a postcard, Austrian candy and a CD of an Austrian singer.

As expected, the package from [personal profile] celeria was a copy of "The Mermaid Chair", but the embossed gift card was a nice bonus.

And two DVDs, "Serenity" from [profile] greenhawk and "Star Trek" (the reboot movie) from my Hero Games Secret Santa.

Thanks, everyone!

In the afternoon, I headed out to the movie theater. The temperature had gone up considerably, so the heavy snowfall of the previous night had turned into inch-thick sludge on the sidewalks, and meltoff ponds at every street corner. My feet were soaked through by the time I got to Block E.

It's been quite a while since I was stuck in the cities for Christmas, and I was a bit disappointed to discover that absolutely everything in Block E was closed except the theater itself. I'd hoped to get dinner in before the show. Instead I wound up hanging in the lobby for an hour--and the Kerasotes no longer has video games as a distraction.

The Sherlock Holmes movie itself was a fun film. I could have done without the flatulence, and some of the fight scenes were unnecessarily confusing, but overall quite good.

Afterwards, I found that Gameworks (the actual video arcade) had opened, but only had bar food. Didn't matter, I just wanted something warm.

I waited on the bus rather than slog the eight or so blocks back to my apartment, though this didn't keep my feet from getting soaked again on the last block taken on foot.

This morning, the temperature had dropped again, turning the sludge and melt into a lovely layer of ice. Slick in spots, yes, but far less annoying.

At the post office, another card had arrived from [personal profile] fushiforever, a handmade card that says "Merry Christmas from California!" and by golly depicts the state of California topped by a Santa hat. Also included was a mix CD, no tracklist so everything's a surprise. Thanks to you also!

Did a little post-Christmas shopping, then headed home.
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Work has been going much more smoothly this week, with most of our folks in the office (please continue to send good thoughts towards Nicole.) Next week, however, we are going to have the maximum number of people out for extended holiday vacation. Could be iffy.

Caught up with more backlog--looks like one person's been sending angry letters every day more or less because at the time we hadn't responded. It was actually fixed nearly a month ago, but these letters hadn't been gotten to. Hope the customer is mollified now.

I went to the MAS Craptacular on Thursday, though I hadn't meant to--there was an issue with my Anime Detour registration. But that should be fixed now, and I already have a hotel room reserved. (Not so sure about ConVergence--I signed up two whole days after room requests became available, and they're now going through the list, won't be sending out confirmations until January minimum.

Anyhow, the Craptacular is the worst anime the club could find that is still something that can be shown in public. The audience is encouraged to MST, unlike the regular showings. The final show, "Needless", was firmly in the "so bad it's good" category. To give you an idea, most of the opening credits are for a post-apocalypse superbeing action show (which does seem to be the main plot), but then suddenly there's shots of schoolgirl lesbians for no apparent reason. The closing credits are entirely devoted to the schoolgirl lesbians. In the episode itself? No schoolgirl lesbians. No schoolgirls, heck, not even a school. And then there's the shirtless priest.

As a break from that, there was a game where openings and endings of various shows were shown out of context, and audience members had to describe what they thought the show might be about. Some guesses were mightily amusing, and I won a prize pack of two Yu-Gi-Oh! wall scrolls, and some rice cakes filled with bean paste.

Almost done with the wishlist surprises, though this last batch probably isn't going to arrive before Christmas. The incoming mail's been pretty sparse, with only a card from Ariana of Philadelphia. Very sparkly card, though. I'm hoping for one or two more packets to arrive by Thursday.

My local Hero Games group met for a one-off Champions adventure last night--lots of fun.

Hope you all are as well as can be expected,
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Remember my mentioning the new vending machines at work? Well, they're mostly installed now, and do look shiny and new. They came with a change machine, so I figured I'd get ready to do laundry tonight. As it happens, this change machine doesn't dispense quarters, but Zachary Taylor dollar coins. (I didn't even know they were up to President Taylor yet!) These too looked shiny and new.

Got almost all my family Christmas shopping done, so have started back up with the wishlist surprises. I'm not going to guarantee that these ones will arrive by Christmas, though.

Got a card from [personal profile] crevanfox. Thanks!

Oh, and yes, I got my laundry done.

Hmm, looks like I'll have to rescan a page for my next Scans Daily post--got munged in transmission. Always interesting to see what people will fasten on in the comments.
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Work was better today, as a couple of our missing people were able to come in. Still no word from Nicole, though--even if she gets better we can't expect her back before January.

Got a package from Fredericksburg, VA, so it goes on the pile to open later.

And a mix from [profile] ana_leezwas finally obtained.

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Dec. 8th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Half our people were out of the office for at least part of the day today, and the calls just keep coming. We had to shut down the phones for half an hour so people could go to lunch!

I got a message from my Secret Santa (via an intermediary), revealing that they'd popped for the gift wrap on my present--I took a peek, and it turns out the Amazon box I got was indeed from Secret Santa. Yay! Can hardly wait to see what's in the wrapping.

On my end, I've finally cleared the backlog on the items I'm shipping out for wishlist surprises, and should be able to mail them out tomorrow. I hope all of these arrive intact and in good condition!

Now it's time to make sure I have all the family presents in order--after that, if I still have some time before Christmas, I'll pick a few more wishlisters to surprise.

Tomorrow I train a co-worker on SCRA procedures, will try to remember to wear my company shirt for the occasion.
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No word yet on Nicole, which I take it to mean she is neither worse nor better.

The building management has decided to end our contract with the little convenience store by the cafeteria. It will be replaced by more vending machines. This does not seem a good tradeoff to me, as vending machines are not known for engaging conversation or helping you find what you're looking for.

In brighter news, I got a package from Amazon--won't be able to tell who it's from until it's opened closer to the holidays.

And a mix cd from [personal profile] dazzamre, who chose to go with "My Favorite Superhero" as a theme. Well, if you consider Jack Harkness a superhero. (I have not yet seen Torchwood.)

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Yep, it's definitely getting on towards winter here.

It looks like we'll be getting a bit more help at work, though still not the new full-time person we need. With so many of us out sick or on vacation, the lack of ability to answer calls and do paperwork at the same time really slows both processes down.

Watched the last of "Daughter of Twenty Faces" tonight. A fairly satisfying ending.

And the folks at Holiday Wishes/Wish List have started sending stuff. I now have a package from [personal profile] celeria, pretty sure I know what it is, but the packages larger than envelope size are being saved for a time nearer Christmas, as is the tradition in my family.

But the very first gift sent (though I was unable to access it until tonight)was a mix by [profile] twiglyt.

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Thursday was dinner at Aunt Judy's house. The food was quite good, and I was happy to catch up with that side of the family.

Friday, I took the bus up to Sandstone, where my siblings and I had an early supper with our folks.

I picked up some more of my British comics collection for the Scans Daily community--hope you folks like 'em.

I also spent a lot of time on the Neopets site--on dial-up, Keyquest just won't work, so I played that a lot and even won a couple of times.

On Saturday, we visited Lena's Gift Shop in Askov, which features Scandinavian and local gifts--and is "the home of the rutabaga malt." I do not recommend the rutabaga malt, by the way, but if you're feeling adventurous... I got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done.

I did a fair bit of yakking with the folks too. Won one game of Dominoes, lost two.

Sunday, we went to brunch at the Audubon Center, one of only two times they'll be open this winter. (Last year had disappointing attendance, so they cut back.)

On the bus trip back to the city Sunday night, McDonalds was unable to fill my order in time, so they refunded my money.

Back home, I found that the folks at Wish List and Holiday Wishes had been quite enthusiastic about the prospect of getting a surprise from me, so I've got a fair backlog. Will need to concentrate on overseas delivery first, but with luck everyone will get their stuff by New Year's.

Hope your weekend was tasty!
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Yesterday, my family celebrated my youngest (today she's 8) niece's birthday. I got a haircut and beard trim to prepare.

Rode down with my sister and oldest niece, who tells me she's doing okay in her massage therapy training. I gave her (the niece), a CD I'd picked up at the sale last week of Beanie Baby collecting songs. She said she'd put it with her collection of Beanie Babies.

We ate dinner at Banning Junction, which was not as crowded as usual. I had the Banning Burger, the little ones had smiley fries. One of the other diners was a nurse my mother had known back when she was Inservice Director down in Pine City. (She'd retired when she came up a half-credit short on her continuing ed classes for re-certification--a class Mom hadn't taught was disallowed.)

Afterwards, we returned home, and had some cake with chocolate pumpkin decorations. Also some jack-o-lantern Peeps, though the slightly older niece tended to hog them.

Youngest niece enjoyed her presents, including a purse designed to look like a skirt, and a griffin stuffed toy I'd picked up at ConVergence. When she wondered what to name it, I suggested "Merv", but I think "Gryffindor" got more votes.

I picked up a few of my British comics for possible scanning, and we did some visiting.

All in all, a nice trip.


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