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First off, both parents are out of the hospital and doing well at home. Huzzah!

This last weekend was Anime Detour, with the theme of "It Came From Japan."

Due to poor timing, I wound up in the Crowne Plaza hotel, so it was shuttle buses for me back and forth. This didn't work too well on Friday, as the shuttle driver got stuck in traffic coming back from the airport and had both shuttles' keys on him so the backup driver couldn't substitute. Things were moving much more smoothly by Sunday and checkout time. One of these years, I'll have to actually eat in the Plaza's restaurant.

Most exciting new thing this year was Otaku Speed Dating. Separate events for gay and hetero folks, to reduce confusion. To no one's surprise, guys outnumbered gals in line for the one I went to, and some had to be turned away. The room was relatively small and the acoustics were not suitable for about eighty people all talking at the same time. One minute per candidate, change seats.

I had more (very short) conversations with women in that one hour than I've had over the last three Anime Detours. Those of you who've known me for a while are aware that while I'm not particularly shy, painful experience has made it difficult for me to engage women I haven't been introduced to in conversation. Being given explicit permission to do so helped immensely.

Sadly, I got not one single "match"--not too surprising given I was at least a decade older than anyone else in the room, and the...other problems. Still very disappointing. I got a consolation email with pictures of puppies and kittens.

Most interesting normal panel was "Weeaboos Then and Now", talking about Japanophilia as it was in Victorian times, now, and some points inbetween.

Some nice AMVs as always--this year the contest broke up the showing order of the nominees a bit for better flow. NO WTF video contest this year, apparently.

I skipped the formal cosplay, most amusing hall costume I saw was someone as Amu from Shugo Chara, with three dolls representing her Charas hovering above her shoulder on wires.

Weather was cooler than expected, though it did warm up by Sunday evening when I left.

This coming week is Minicon, look forward to seeing some of you there.
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Dad's having heart problems, and the doctors have decided to put in a pacemaker. For some reason, he will be having it done in Duluth, which I can't reach so easily. Hope Dad can make it through....
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I took the day off as my mother was down at a local hospital having pacemaker surgery done.

It went well enough, but the hospital will be keeping her overnight.

Good news

Oct. 14th, 2011 06:21 pm
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The colonoscopy went smoothly, the actual procedure being somewhat less onerous than the preparation for it. According to the diagnosis, I have no visible colon cancer and all polyps were benign. "See you in ten years."
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I am going in for a colonoscopy this Wednesday. Today, I start my low-fiber diet. Not six hours, and I am already jonesing for whole wheat and gristly beef cuts.

Peter Pan

Mar. 27th, 2010 10:46 pm
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So, Friday night I went to see middle niece's school play, "Peter Pan." She played an Amazon warrior. Some of you may be wondering where Amazons come in. Well, it turns out that they're Tiger Lily's people, what used to be "Red Indians." (And it's also a neat way of dealing with the fact that the production had a lot more girls than boys.)

Since St. John's is a Catholic school, another departure from the usual text was the inclusion of "the Lost Priests" who had a brief scene with corny old priest/young priest jokes.

The most polished performance was the girl who played Tinkerbell, who very obviously had dance training. She was kind of stiff for the monologue they gave her, but the physical acting was very good.

We missed my sister, who is in the hospital at the moment, hope she gets well soon.
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I had today off unexpectedly, as one of the people who had the day decided they weren't going out of town after all, and I was next on the waitlist.

Good thing too, as I have never seen so many places close so early on Christmas Eve. Several of them without even a note saying they were closing early--including Subway!

Coming home, I discovered that due to the heavy snow, the Christmas celebration for my family is pushed back to next Friday. :-{ Fortunately, thanks to my internet friends, I have some presents to open tomorrow anyway. Maybe I'll take in the new Sherlock Holmes movie, though the previews made it look a little too focused on sex humor for my tastes. And I'll be able to hit Target for their post Xmas candy sale on Saturday.

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed, but not as much as one of my co-workers, who wasn't able to go home to California for the first time in twenty years due to a really bad set of circumstances.

Speaking of co-workers, we finally got an address to send cards to Nicole; she's still too weak for visitors though, apparently.

Oh, and one last package made it to the post office today! Thanks, [profile] greenhawk! Looking forward to seeing what's inside.
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No word yet on Nicole, which I take it to mean she is neither worse nor better.

The building management has decided to end our contract with the little convenience store by the cafeteria. It will be replaced by more vending machines. This does not seem a good tradeoff to me, as vending machines are not known for engaging conversation or helping you find what you're looking for.

In brighter news, I got a package from Amazon--won't be able to tell who it's from until it's opened closer to the holidays.

And a mix cd from [personal profile] dazzamre, who chose to go with "My Favorite Superhero" as a theme. Well, if you consider Jack Harkness a superhero. (I have not yet seen Torchwood.)

At the End of Time )
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For my co-worker Nicole, who's still in the hospital, and after a week not yet stable enough to receive visitors. I don't know the full details, but I do know she's been losing weight recently, more than is healthy (and she was already very thin naturally.)

Get well soon, Nicole.
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Twisted my ankle Thursday morning coming down the front steps of my apartment building. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to have done any permanent damage, though still a bit sore.

Went to the MAS Halloween party the same night--it was pretty fun. The masquerade winner was a bit of a surprise, not so much best costume as best poses.

Still trying to catch up at work, since I missed the days last week. Even working overtime today only skimmed the surface.

In the afternoon, I went to the library to get some scans for Scans Daily. The scanner at my station was giving an error report, and the information desk librarian called tech support. An hour later, she called them again, this time getting a response. Unsurprisingly, the tech's suggestion (after checking the connection again) was to restart the computer. Also unsurprisingly, doing that voided my reservation, and the next person in line jumped up. It took some negotiation with him, the librarian, and a third patron who didn't understand the concept of reservations to get me back on the computer. This time the scanner worked, but I had to cut it short due to lack of remaining time. More to do next week, I guess.
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I got three teeth pulled first thing in the morning. This was about as unpleasant as you'd imagine, especially since my metabolism burns anesthetic unusually fast, requiring multiple applications of the stuff to keep me from writhing and screaming. But the antibiotics had already brought the swelling down a bit, which helped.

The dentist tells me my jaw bone is extra-dense, so next year for the other needed extractions, she wants to refer me to a dental surgery specialist. (I'm hoping for gas--I want to be out like a light when they're using the bone saw.)

Since I'd already had the whole day off yesterday, I went back to work after noon, stopping for my flu shot first. People seemed surprised to see me, but I was reasonably fit for duty, aside from begging off phone answering. All that gauze made it hard to speak distinctly. We are so very far behind. Apparently, Vicodin(tm) doesn't make me nearly as woozy as it does some other folks. On the other hand, I wasn't driving.

I'm looking forward to seeing my family for the youngest niece's birthday party this weekend, and hope to be able to make it to the MAS Halloween showing.
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Yeah, been a while. Again.

Some stuff happened--I got a couple of sampler CDs together for someone considering making a Dennou Coil AMV. I'm hoping they were at least inspirational.

Been doing a lot of overtime as we are still swamped at work. Need to try to keep a positive attitude, but that's easier when I'm allowed to set priorities, not have things dumped on me that are "more urgent than the stuff you're supposed to be doing immediately already." And the stuff I actually like doing and feel makes a positive impact is shoved to the back of the queue.

I am told that at least some of the more urgent than urgent stuff is having a software fix done. Maybe by November.

I enjoyed the Half-Price Books sale at the State Fairgrounds last weekend. CDs were fifty cents apiece.

I posted an entry on Scans Daily, but don't look at it yet, as even after two weeks of preparation I managed to screw it up, and it's going to take a day or two to fix.

Oh, and I'll be making an emergency visit to the dentist tomorrow, as something has gone drastically wrong with one of my back teeth and the flesh is swelling like no one's business.

So, how's by you?


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