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I changed my mind and decided that this year's holiday mix CD will be a tribute to the recently departed Glen A. Larson, who brought the young me such entertainment as "Battlestar Galactica" and "Knight Rider." The tracks relate to the shows he was involved with in tangential ways; see if you can guess which one is which.


1. After the Fall--Two Steps from Hell
2. Theme from Lupin III '97--OST
3. Let's All Help the Cowboys--Cowboy Jack Clement & Pam Tillis
4. The Virginian--OST
5. Forever Fugitives--Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack
6. Fighting--Maurice White & Bill Meyers
7. I Got a Woman--Jimmy Smith
8. I Will Not Stand Alone--Kayhan Kallor & Ali Bahrami Fard
9. Corpse in the Rafters--Robert O Ragland
10. Brothers--Nostromo Pilots
11. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers)--Maria Kawamura
12. Cardboard King--The Martin Harley Band
13. The NBC Mystery Movie--OST
14. Escape in the Truck--Mary Beth Magallanes
15. Limpin Gobbler/Crippled Turkey--Sean Orr
16. As Time Goes By--Rudy Vallee
17. Across the Sea--Ho'oheno
18. Hawaii 5-0--Sammy Davis, Jr.
19. Mon Super Heros--AM
20. Dragon Knight--Yasunori Mitsuda
21. All Along the Watchtower--Eliades Ochoa
22. I'll Fly Away/I Saw the Light--Joe Bethancourt

Not surprisingly, several of these are themselves television show themes.

Your thoughts, comments or favorite Glen A. Larson show memories?
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It's almost time to send out my yearly mix CDs for the holiday season.

This year I've decided to commemorate the centennial of the beginning of World War One. Any suggestions for what songs would fit? (They do not need to be period songs or about WWI, but if not, feel free to explain why they're relevant.)

Work is busy.
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First, I am having another giveaway on my SKJAM! Reviews blog so please stop by and let other people know if you think they might be interested.

And it is time, once again, for my holiday mix CD, that I send out to people on the wishlist communities. The 2013 theme is:


1. Rock Lords--Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. I have surprisingly little actual rock music on my Itunes, so decided put a hard-rocking tune right up front.

2. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds--Circulus. The diamonds have very little meaning in the song, mostly there for the acronym.

3. The Archylte Steppes--Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack. Continuing the relatively mellow music.

4. Banks are Made of Marble--Pete Seeger. Rich people have the biggest rock collections.

5. Mineral Rights--Leslie Fish. Some rocks don't like environmentally destructive mining practices.

6. Memoro de la Stono--Nobuo Uematsu. The memory of a stone.

7. Black Diamond--KISS. I wonder how this one wound up on my computer? Ah well, it's a rock song.

8. In the Big Rock Candy Mountain--Harry McClintock. Heaven is a very good place, no matter who you are.

9. Byker Hill--Tempest. Mining isn't always the worst job.

10. Climbing Up a Mountain--Tom O'Brien. Is your mountain an obstacle or an opportunity?

11. Honey in the Rock--Bill & Gloria Gaither. Some rocks have treasure beyond measure.

12. Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill--Trip McCool. This mix seems to have a lot of working men.

13. Gold and Silver Waltz--Carousel Music. Cold metals, but oh so beautiful.

14. Echo Cliffs--Bill Vermette. Tasty electronica.

15. Foggy Mountain Breakdown--Lester Flatt. String instrument virtuoso.

16. Emerald Green--See-Saw. In case you're tired of diamonds.

17. I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls--Anuna. Dreams of wealth are fun, but there is a better dream still.

18. Big Ty's Ride--Joe Bethancourt. Rocks in SPAAACE!

19. Miner's Song--Woody Guthrie. This land was made for you and me.

20. The Stone--Jars of Clay. Mark 12:10.

21. Sands of Gold--Don Ho. Sand is very, very tiny rocks. Happy Holidays and aloha.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Each year in the holiday season, I participate in wishlist communities, where people post lists of things they'd like to have, ranging from the mighty ("peace on EArth" to the pricy "a new car" through the reasonable "holiday cards" to the very small "clicks on my website." Each year, my primary gift given out is a themed mix CD. Here are some themes I'm considering this year.

"Music with Rocks In", geology-themed songs.

"He Was Legend", a tribute to Richard Matheson, who passed away this year.

"Business Major" Business and college-related songs, reflecting my main activity this year.

Let me know which one you think would be coolest, or suggest one!

There will also be holiday giveaways at my blog, more news on that as it becomes available.

Stay warm,
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It's holiday wishlist time once again, see [community profile] holiday_wishes and [community profile] wish_list and as usual, I'm doing a themed mix CD as my outgoing gift.

This year's theme is to honor the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/12, and the possibility, slim though it may be, that the world will end.


Tracklist and notes )
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Because it's easier in the age of the Internet to put the liner notes here than try to stuff them in the CD sleeve.

I finally decided to honor a favorite writer who has recently left us.


1. At Sunrise--The Themes

Opening with a natural scene.

2. Pure Imagination--Gene Wilder

Welcome to the candy factory of fantasy writing. Bright colors, tempting flavors; but there are dangers too, and lessons to be learned.

3. Ahmran (Song of the Winds)--Leaves' Eyes

Mostly here because it's pretty.

4. Rocket Boogie--Pete Johnson

"R Is For Rocket".

5. Ascent--Richard Shindell

Sometimes what happens to the protagonists just doesn't make sense to them.

6. Teenagers From Mars--The Nutley Brass

"And staring back at them, they saw the Martians."

7. Blood Like Lemonade--Morcheeba

Some of Bradbury's stories get a little gruesome.

8. Carnival--Tempest

Not quite as disturbing as Mr. Dark's carnival in "Something Wicked This Way Comes" but twisted nonetheless.

9. The World Has Gone Insane--Anthony Warlow

How Guy Montag feels about two-thirds of the way into "Fahrenheit 451."

10. Time's Scar--Yasunori Mitsuda

The theme of a game about divergent timelines for "A Sound of Thunder."

11. Under the Blasted Oak--George Formby

Ray Bradbury had a sense of humor too.

12. Creeping Misterioso--Lan Adomian

Lurking horror.

13. Smallville Pastorale--Rudy Schrager

Bradbury's beloved smalltown setting, Green Town.

14. Dr. Frankenstein--Jack Savoretti

Is technological progress for its own sake the best use of humanity's time?

15. Fiesta en el Camino--A New Andean Era

Another pretty piece for happier stories.

16. No One Takes the Train Anymore--Holly Dunn

"I sometimes think drivers don't know what grass is, or slowers, because they never see them slowly."

17. Fire In the Sky--Kristoph Klover

Space has its own poetry.

18. A Mushroom Cloud--Sammy Salvo

The Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation had their echoes in Bradbury's work, such as "There Will Come Soft Rains."

19. The Golden Rocket--Hank Snow

Bradbury's protagonists often have difficult relationships with their wives or loved ones.

20. Lonesome Water--Joe Bethancourt

Pastoral fantasy...but there's a bite even there.

21. Here Comes the Sun--Charlie Dore

"All of Summer In a Day."

21. Key of the Twilight--See-Saw

I keep returning to these stories.

22. The Parting Glass--Liam Clancy

And a beautiful song of farewell to an old friend.


Also, see the liner notes for [personal profile] barondave's mix here:
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The first CDs have arrived, from the person furthest away! (Kind of necessary as they're moving shortly and doing it at the other end would cut the sending time too close.)

Another participant has already picked a theme and I've seen a list of things likely to be on it--looks very cool.

Must finalize my own playlist....
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This is a bit later in the year than usual. as [personal profile] barondave, our usual facilitator, has been extra-busy.

For those of you who haven't done this before, each participant makes a themed music mix, with enough CD copies for all the other participants. For this year, you'll be sending the copies to a Central Mailer (me) for redistribution.

Schedule: Respond to this post on Dreamwidth or Livejournal (or have someone with an account sponsor you, no anonymous replies this time) by May 31, 2012 so we know how many copies to make. Please indicate in your reply if you want to pick up your CDs at ConVergence 2012, or would prefer them to be mailed out to you. (Do not put your mailing address in the public comments; I'll contact you privately.) You will then have until June 30, 2012 to get your CDs to the Central Mailer, who will redistribute them ASAP.

Cost: Materials. Donations of postage stamps to the CM would be helpful.

Theme: IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. That is, each participant gets to decide what theme they want their mix to be, something a little more structured than "What I have on shuffle" preferred.

If you need an idea for a mix theme, here's a few:

* "So Very Tired"--songs for the end of the day.
* "Recursive"--songs about music and singing.
* "My Favorite Hero"--songs that remind you of a favorite fictional character.
* "Summer Blockbuster"--arrange the songs to resemble an action movie soundtrack (bonus points for not using any actual movie soundtracks.)

I hope we can get enough participants to make this a good showing!
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(A Jack LaLane Memorial Mix CD)

As organized by [personal profile] barondave, the "Jack LaLane Memorial Mix Exchange" is songs that are about exercise, make you want to exercise, or are good to exercise to. I decided to go with mostly fast dance numbers, with a couple of breather tracks.

1. "Ready Steady Go"--L'Arc En Ciel (The opening theme to the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime)
2. "Bell Hop"--John Shakespeare (busy day at the hotel)
3. "Wapiko's Weather Forecast!"--Yoko Ishida (A "parapara" (dancing game) remix--"Fair and sunny tomorrow!")
4. "Bellydance"--Saad (The most generic bellydancing tune ever.)
5. "Unequaled boisterous dance, the sky is too small"--Read Or Die Original Soundtrack (Our heroine battles a flying machine man.)
6. "Blinkandyou'llmissit!"--Bo Pepper (The young lady has no time to waste.)
7. "Scatter the Mud"--The Irish Experience (Irish dancing music, natch.)
8. "Blow the Man Down"--Johnny Collins (classic sea shanty, steady as she goes.)
9. "The Scarlet & Gray Rag"--The Tailgate Dixieland Band (Ohio State University-based tune.)
10. "Boosters On"--Kaoru Wada (The spaceship prepares to launch.)
11. "Get Rhythm"--Johnny Cash (Toe-tapping fun.)
12. "Round & Round Hitler's Grave"--The Almanac Singers (World War Two hit, obviously.)
13. "Bounce-o-Rama (Speed-Up Ver.)"--Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack (videogame music meets Tigger.)
14. "Popcorn"--Hot Butter (This one ought to bring back some memories.)
15. "Buckeye Battle Cry (2003)--The OSU Marching Band (Fight! Fight! Win!)
16. "Pep Vim and Verve"--Jeff Vince and Andrew Paley (from the "Dick Tracy" movie soundtrack.)
17. "Bumbo"--Moondog (Jungle-themed tune.)
18. "Patriotic Diggers"--John Allison (Ditchdigging is exercise too.)
19. "Happy Feet"--Paul Whiteman (But tapdancing is more fun.)
20. "Captain Jack"--Captain Jack (This one will seem familiar to veterans.)
21. "Kung Fu Fighting"--Girls on Top (I pretty much guarantee you've seldom heard this version of the song.)
22. "Chocobo Will Walk, No Matter How Far"--Final Fantasy Unlimited Soundtrack (The animated TV series...not all that good, but hey, chocobos!)
23. "Kol haKavod"--Yehoram Gaon (Israeli dance music.)
24. "Cuyashca"--Ruminahui (South American dance music. Love me some panflute.)
25. "Jungle Dance"--Max Steiner (From the "King Kong" soundtrack.)
26. "Dance Away"--Annie Livingston (From the "Project A-ko" soundtrack.)
27. "Flashdance: What a Feeling"--London Ensemble and Soloists (A movie about people prancing about in legwarmers? Sounds like exercise to me.)
28. "I Love to Walk"--Alf Clausen (Homer Simpson on the benefits of exercise.)
29. "Haul Away Joe"--Bramblebush (Another sea shanty.)
30. "We Kept On Dancing"--Nate Bucklin (And in conclusion, everybody dance!)

I'll be at Minicon--the most likely place to catch me is at my two panels: "What Happens After the Cure?" Saturday at 11:30 AM, and "Recommend an RPG For Me" Saturday at 7:00 PM.

But I should at some point drop in at the various parties. If you haven't been participating in this exchange, see me about other mixes you could trade.

Still alive

Nov. 9th, 2010 09:25 pm
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Well, life has been pretty blah lately, and somehow I never got around to posting....

Most exciting thing was youngest niece's birthday. I gave her a doll I picked up at ConVergence, Zoe Raccoon. Which is Zoe from "Firefly" if she were an anthropomorphic raccoon. Quite good quality, handmade, and I got it for a song. I think the grownups were more impressed than the niece, with much oohing over the handstiching, fabric choices, and the posable fingers.

Also, I provided a CD of spooky songs for Halloween. It was my brother's first exposure to Jonathan Coulton's hit "Re: Your Brains." Don't know if he'll let the niece listen to that again or not.

Went to see "Megamind" this last weekend; it was okay, but I don't think kids will like it as much as "Despicable Me".

Looking forward to the opening of the Holiday Wishes community--money's a bit tighter this year so I won't be able to send as many surprises, but I've already laid in some supplies for those I can.
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1. Comment to this post with a theme.
2. I'll respond with a 5-10 song title playlist from my music collection.
3. Post this in your own journal.

Caveats: I reserve the right to ask questions about your suggested theme if I don't immediately understand it. Also, this in no way involves me posting the songs themselves.
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1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5.Put this on your journal.

longish )
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Work was better today, as a couple of our missing people were able to come in. Still no word from Nicole, though--even if she gets better we can't expect her back before January.

Got a package from Fredericksburg, VA, so it goes on the pile to open later.

And a mix from [profile] ana_leezwas finally obtained.

Moosic Mix )
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No word yet on Nicole, which I take it to mean she is neither worse nor better.

The building management has decided to end our contract with the little convenience store by the cafeteria. It will be replaced by more vending machines. This does not seem a good tradeoff to me, as vending machines are not known for engaging conversation or helping you find what you're looking for.

In brighter news, I got a package from Amazon--won't be able to tell who it's from until it's opened closer to the holidays.

And a mix cd from [personal profile] dazzamre, who chose to go with "My Favorite Superhero" as a theme. Well, if you consider Jack Harkness a superhero. (I have not yet seen Torchwood.)

At the End of Time )
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Yep, it's definitely getting on towards winter here.

It looks like we'll be getting a bit more help at work, though still not the new full-time person we need. With so many of us out sick or on vacation, the lack of ability to answer calls and do paperwork at the same time really slows both processes down.

Watched the last of "Daughter of Twenty Faces" tonight. A fairly satisfying ending.

And the folks at Holiday Wishes/Wish List have started sending stuff. I now have a package from [personal profile] celeria, pretty sure I know what it is, but the packages larger than envelope size are being saved for a time nearer Christmas, as is the tradition in my family.

But the very first gift sent (though I was unable to access it until tonight)was a mix by [profile] twiglyt.

playlist under the cut )


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