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I changed my mind and decided that this year's holiday mix CD will be a tribute to the recently departed Glen A. Larson, who brought the young me such entertainment as "Battlestar Galactica" and "Knight Rider." The tracks relate to the shows he was involved with in tangential ways; see if you can guess which one is which.


1. After the Fall--Two Steps from Hell
2. Theme from Lupin III '97--OST
3. Let's All Help the Cowboys--Cowboy Jack Clement & Pam Tillis
4. The Virginian--OST
5. Forever Fugitives--Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack
6. Fighting--Maurice White & Bill Meyers
7. I Got a Woman--Jimmy Smith
8. I Will Not Stand Alone--Kayhan Kallor & Ali Bahrami Fard
9. Corpse in the Rafters--Robert O Ragland
10. Brothers--Nostromo Pilots
11. Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers)--Maria Kawamura
12. Cardboard King--The Martin Harley Band
13. The NBC Mystery Movie--OST
14. Escape in the Truck--Mary Beth Magallanes
15. Limpin Gobbler/Crippled Turkey--Sean Orr
16. As Time Goes By--Rudy Vallee
17. Across the Sea--Ho'oheno
18. Hawaii 5-0--Sammy Davis, Jr.
19. Mon Super Heros--AM
20. Dragon Knight--Yasunori Mitsuda
21. All Along the Watchtower--Eliades Ochoa
22. I'll Fly Away/I Saw the Light--Joe Bethancourt

Not surprisingly, several of these are themselves television show themes.

Your thoughts, comments or favorite Glen A. Larson show memories?
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The weather is way too mild for this time of year.

Went to see a screening of two Showtime TV shows last night.

"House of Lies", about a womanizing "management consultant" played by Don Cheadle as a smarmy jerk.

"Shameless" about a dysfunctional (to the point of living in separate houses) family whose patriarch (William H. Macy in Nick Nolte makeup) is a severe alcholic.

Both series use a lot of salty language and random sex scenes to seem more edgy. Neither series made me want to pony up the money to get cable. Possibly the funniest moment though was in House of Lies when they did a riff on the "women go to the restroom together" cliche.
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The Lagoon had a special free showing of two Showtime series last night. Given my apartment has no AC, and the movie theater does, I chose to attend. Even better, Showtime gave all attendees a coupon for free popcorn and soda pop! ( I just took the pop as by coincidence Target gave out free popcorn at the Diversity Council Health Fair the same day.)

I *think* the free showing was because The Big C is set in St. Paul, and a number of people there were extras. It took me until the Porky's scene to realize where the setting was supposed to be.

The show is about a St. Paul high school history teacher who's diagnosed with terminal cancer, and her attempts to deal with her impending mortality. The wacky supporting cast makes this difficult. The character that rang truest was the cranky neighbor who never smiles.

"Weeds", on the other hand, seems to have ranged far afield from its roots of "desperate suburban housewife turns to marijuana growing to make ends meet." I'm guessing this episode is the season premiere, as it opens with one of the characters doing something that would resolve a cliffhanger. Satisfying as that looked, the action has consequences, and the rest of the episode is about fleeing them. Pretty funny, but some characters just made me cringe.

All in all, a pleasant diversion on a boiling hot day, but not enough to make me finally get cable.


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