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Those of you seeing this on Dreamwidth will get to see a new icon courtesy of [personal profile] djinni, who is having another free icon day on his LJ right now.

Speaking of which, if you are jumping from LJ to DW and still want to read my stuff, be sure and link up. Also, I wound up getting a lot more prompts for my microfic day on DW this time, so you may want to check it out.

Am heading home for the holiday, hope my folks will hold up okay.

One of the authors of "Board to Death" contacted me via my review of that book on Goodreads, and asked for some clarification. Nice to know someone actually reads these things!
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Hi! It's time for me to do a little more writing exercise, so let's a free microfic day.

Name of Day: SKJAM!'s Free Microfic Day

Description of Service: Leave a prompt or prompts in the time window (below) and I will write at least one microfic. The themes this time will be winter, cold and snow; you don't need to include any of those words in your prompt though. No fanfic, this time.

Who is Eligible: Anyone who leaves a prompt on time.

Date/Time Window: December 17 and 18, 2011. It may take longer than that for me to get done, of course.

Tipping? Sure, why not? My Paypal addy is skjam at yahoo dot com. If I get $10 in donations, I'll write to up to two prompts per person. If the total reaches $25, I'll make an icon related to one of the microfics for each requester. Making me a tip banner will count as $5.

Examples: Here's a link to my last microfic day.
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A ficathon for female comics characters (with a heavy emphasis on costumed superheroines.)
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Yep, my folks' 50th Anniversary party was this weekend.

I came down the day before and helped make nametags, though I fear I spent most of the afternoon napping--so tired these days. We ate at Banning Junction to try out their "Oriental buffet." It was okay, considering it's a small town family restaurant. The sesame shrimp was much milder than most places in the city make it (not surprising) but the lo mein was very disappointing--they used a noodle recipe that was way too floury and made the noodles clump together.

The day of the party, the other immediate family came down and everything was moved over to the golf course clubhouse. Attendance was good, with many relatives, my mom's old schoolmates and work colleagues, and such of Dad's old buddies as are still around. A few folks couldn't make it, and sent their regrets or visited the next day.

I spent the early part of the party manning the door; it was lovely weather, sunny but not too hot and a good breeze. There was a small golf tournament the same day, plus the regular golfers. One fellow asked me to bring in his rental drink cooler for him--he was wearing just swim trunks, tennis shoes and baseball cap and hadn't realized there were going to be a bunch of people in the clubhouse when he got back.

Mom and Dad appeared to be in good spirits and not too tired after the party, though we had to wrap it up earlier than some would have liked due to there being a class reunion coming in a couple of hours later.

I caught a ride back to the Cities with my nephew, who is back at security work. We swapped "easily penetratable security" stories.

Sunday I spent considering choices from the heroines_fest LJ community, and doing research and an initial outline of the story prompt I picked.


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