Jan. 28th, 2014

skjam: (angry)
Hey, so I'm in my last quarter at Rasmussen if all goes well, and I suddenly have a temp job with weird hours. 2-5 weeks, probably on the low end.

But last night my apartment building had a problem. It's an old building that's actually four connected ones, as I have mentioned before, and there's a back porch/stairway that a lot of people use to get between the separate parts of the building. Someone has been jamming the back door on the fourth floor open so they can get back in without using a key. Sunday night, they left it open all night and a water pipe froze. Once the temperature rose, the pipe burst.

My apartment is two floors directly beneath the burst pipe. Fortunately, my clean clothes are kept in waterproof containers, but it did soak through my bedding pretty thoroughly. So I spent last night at Le Meredien Chambers, a boutique hotel that is not nearly as spendy as the name would imply. As long as you don't use the cash bar.

It was rather late in the evening when the pipe burst, so we had to call 911, and the fire department shut off the water.

Tonight, it's time to assess the damage, clean my apartment some, and see how things are going.

How's by you?


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