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Hi folks!

This time we'll look at what Goodreads recommends based on my "Religion & Philosophy" shelf. Here I put religious texts, philosophical works, books with heavy religious or philosophical themes, and works where a religious figure or philosopher is the main character.

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray
The Alienist by Caleb Carr
American Men on Being Muslim by Wajahat Ali
The Antipope by Robert Rankin
Axiomatic by Greg Egan

The Big Time/The Mind Spiders and Other Stories by Fritz Leiber
The Black Tower by Louis Bayard
Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore

The Call by Michael Grant
Castle Waiting, Vol. 1 by Linda Medley
The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte
The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris

Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 01 by Rei Toma
Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede
Doctor Mirabilis by James Blish

Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Far Side by Gary Larson
The Forgotten Realms: Campaign Set by Ed Greenwood
Foxe's Book of Martyrs by John Foxe

The Godly Man's Picture by Thomas Watson
Grace's Pictures by Cindy Thomson

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis

Leaves of Grass: First and "Death-Bed" Editions by Walt Whitman
Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
The Light Princess by George MacDonald

Maid-Sama! Vol. 01 by Hiro Fujiwara
Marzi by Marzena Sowa
Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement
Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell
Murder and Magic by Randall Garrett

The New Teen Titans Archive, Vol. 1 by Marv Wolfman
The New Testament and the People of God by N.T. Wright

Only the River Runs Free by Bodie Thoene
Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper

Pearl of Great Price by Joseph Smith Jr.
The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald
The Pursuit of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport

Sanctorum Communio: A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The Scarlet Ibis: The Collection of Wonder by James Hurst
The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad
Sexual Ethics in Islam: Feminist Reflections on Qur'an, Hadith, and Jurisprudence by Kecia Ali
Spirit Nudges: Proof that Spirit Is Never Far Away by Michelle Rathore
Stranger at Stonewycke by Michael Phillips

Tune: Vanishing Point by Derek Kirk Kim

The Wednesday Witch by Ruth Chew
The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood
Windchaser by Scott Ciencin
Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne (I would have thought "The Tao of Pooh" would be more apropos.)
Winnie the Pooh Treasury by A.A. Milne

I think some of these wander far afield from the subjects of philosophy and religion, to be honest. As always, let me know if you've read any of these, or heard interesting buzz.



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